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If you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer, DWI / DUI attorney, traffic or speeding ticket lawyer, traffic accident attorney, personal injury lawyer, or medical malpractice attorney to help with your claims or defenses, let Ray Hayes II, show you what he can do to help. Contact Mr. Hayes today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

All consultations will be held over the phone. Please leave a valid phone number. 


P: 336.425.2929


F: 336.900.1505




 This site is for general information purposes only and the information provided here should not be construed as formal legal advice or the formation of an attorney/client relationship. Contacting our office does not create an attorney/client relationship. In order to form an attorney/client relationship you must execute a retainer agreement with one of the attorneys at our office. So please do not rely on any information here or in any communications from our office, nor expect confidentiality of any information until you have a properly executed retainer agreement.

Case results depend on a variety of factors unique to each case and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. We handle some personal injury cases on a contingency fee bases, which means that no attorney fees are collected until we obtain a verdict or settlement, though our clients are ultimately responsible for costs and expenses associated with the preparation, presentation and handling of the case. We may agree to advance costs and expenses, which must be repaid at the conclusion of our representation.

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