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Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for a felony or misdemeanor criminal offense, you need to be sure to stand up for your rights. Ray Hayes can help you understand what you are and are not entitled to. Whether you are facing an assault charge, a larceny charge, a drug charge, a conspiracy charge or another criminal offense, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you through the process.

Personal Injury

Ray Hayes can compile your story, your medical records, your medical bills and your claims into a formal demand to the responsible party / insurance company. He will stay in contact with your doctors and the insurance companies until the extent of your injuries are fully determined. He'll file any necessary paperwork on your behalf and litigate your personal injury or accident claim to the fullest extent if necessary.


DWI / DUI cases are all different. The defenses available in each DWI / DUI charge can be significantly different from one case to another. There is no pat answer that will protect you or win every case. Ray Hayes will inquire about each portion of your DWI / DUI charge to determine the best arguments; from your personal description of the facts to the police report and any available video or audio recordings.  Whether you are charged with Driving After Consuming While Under 21, aiding and abetting DWI, commercial DWI, or otherwise, Ray Hayes can help. 

License Restoration

If your driver's license has been revoked or suspended it can be difficult to know just how to get it back. At your request Ray Hayes can get a copy of your driving record directly from the NC Division of Motor Vehicles (NC DMV), review it and determine the best way to resolve everything to get you on track to getting your license back.

Traffic Offences

If you have been charged or cited for any of these or other traffic violations, Ray Hayes can save you a day sitting in court missing work and minimize the consequences. He is experienced in representing clients on speeding tickets, revoked / suspended license violations (DWLR), no operator's license violations (NOL) aka driving without a license, failure to stop for a school bus, failure to stop for a stop sign / light, over the line, registration, inspection and insurance violations, failure to move over for an emergency vehicle, and other traffic violations.


Ray Hayes can assess your eligibility and let you know if you qualify for one or more expungements. He can fully remove the eligible charge or conviction from your record according to the law. He'll even send the documents to all the necessary agencies for complete removal of the charge or conviction. You won't have to do anything other than provide some basic information about yourself and your charge or conviction.

Please contact RayHayesLaw for custom estimates based on your specific needs.

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Case results depend on a variety of factors unique to each case and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. We handle some personal injury cases on a contingency fee bases, which means that no attorney fees are collected until we obtain a verdict or settlement, though our clients are ultimately responsible for costs and expenses associated with the preparation, presentation and handling of the case. We may agree to advance costs and expenses, which must be repaid at the conclusion of our representation.

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